Here are topics covering some of the most common questions from families new to Gullett.

Enrichment Fees

Enrichment Fees are paid directly to the school for each student at the beginning of the school year. They cover costs for things like class t-shirts and field trips. Your teacher will provide you with an amount and a detailed list of what, exactly, is covered for your grade level at Back to School night.

The 5th grade enrichment fees are the most expensive to due to the overnight Outdoor School field trip.

If you family does not pay or is unable to pay, the money comes out of the school’s operating budget.

Happy Birthday!

A child’s birthday is a very special time, and our teachers will recognize a child’s birthday in an appropriate way.  Birthday parties are not held during the school day. However, you may make arrangements with the teacher to bring a snack to be passed out to students after school.

If you wish to distribute birthday invitations at school, all children in your child’s homeroom must receive an invitation.  

At Gullett, we support and promote healthy food choices.  We strongly recommend that parents bring either non-food items for their child’s class birthday treat (stickers, books, special pencils, etc.) or healthy food  offerings (fruits and vegetables) over the traditional cupcakes, cookies and other type items. See your child’s homeroom teacher for recommendations and remember that birthday treats/party favors of any kind will not be distributed until end of day. No birthday celebrations will take place during the school day.

Let’s support healthy food habits now for lifelong healthy habits later!

And don’t forget about your child’s Birthday Book!

Cheddar What?

You may hear “CheddarUp” a lot. This is the online payment system used by the PTA and school. It’s quick and easy to use for paying for everything from t-shirts to your Gecko Fund donation and Thanksgiving Lunch tickets.

Pro-tip: The PTA is a non-profit. As such, the credit card processing fees are passed onto the buyer (that’s you!). This isn’t much on a $20 item, but those fees add up for larger amounts. You can always select the eCheck option to reduce your fees!

Oh no, it’s gone

Lost and found

We have a lost and found table outside of the cafeteria where all lost things are placed. These items are taken to Goodwill every six weeks. Things that are clearly labeled with a first and last name usually make it back to their owner. A good rule of thumb is if it can be removed from your child’s body, put his/her name on it!

Show me around, please

On the first Tuesday* of every month we will be doing school tours. Our Principal, Tisha Brown, will take you on a tour of the school and answer any questions you may have. The tour is from 8:30 – 9:00.

You are welcome just to show up the morning of a few minutes before 8:30 am so we can get you signed in. If you have any questions feel free to contact the office at 512.414.2082.

*January tour will be Tuesday Jan. 14th

Say cheese!

Student pictures are taken in the fall and spring.

fall pictures

The photo taken in the fall is a headshot for the yearbook. Fall photos are only ordered if they are paid for before they are taken.

spring pictures

The spring photo is more casual, full body shot. Spring photos are sent home and parents can decide if they want to order and pay for them then.

class photos

A class photo is also taken during the school year, typically with spring pictures. An order form will go home ahead of the class photo session.