I have my backpack, my new shoes, and I’ve learned my teacher’s name. What else do I need to know for my 1st day at Gullett?

School hours

start time

The first bell rings at 7:35 a.m., at which time students may go to their classrooms. The tardy bell rings at 7:45 a.m.. After the first week of school, students arriving after 7:45 a.m. must check into the office and get a tardy pass before proceeding to their classroom. Teachers start their day at 7:45 a.m. and students are expected to be in their seats, ready to learn.

end time

Pre-K students finish their day at 2:15 p.m. Kindergarten through 5th graders finish their school day at 3:00 p.m.


A student is counted absent if he/she arrives after 10 a.m. without a doctor’s note. Student absences must be reported to the school each day the student will not be present. The number for the Gullett absence line is 512.414.2732.

Hello & goodbye

Gullett celebrated it’s 60th birthday in 2016. How great to attend a school with so much history! But with a building that old, there are some modern conveniences we are missing - such as a nice driveway for morning drop off and afternoon pick up. Please read these procedures. They are in place to ensure everyone’s safety.

arriving in the Morning

You have two options for your morning routine. 


If you want to stay in your car, the only area to drop off students is in front of the school on Treadwell Blvd by the marquee. Please stay in your car and allow our staff to help your child out of the vehicle. All hugs and goodbyes need to be done before you get into the drop off line. Please watch the adults and pull all the way forward. If your child does not know where to go, notify the staff member who will ensure they get to the right place. Again, stay in your vehicle! 

Please note that the staff parking lot on Hunt Trail and track area on Bullard are not drop-off zones.


If you prefer to take your student to their classroom, there are three parking options. Of course, walking & biking are also great alternatives. 

  • Parking is available in the baseball parking lot before the staff parking. Enter ONLY down near Great Northern Blvd. If you park on Hunt Trail, do not park in the bus lane.

  • You can park on Treadwell Blvd. beginning at the playground fence line. Do not park in the middle of the drop off line.

  • You can park on Great Northern or Bullard, but note that the track area is not a drop-off zone.  

Please use the crosswalks when taking children to class. Although it may take longer, the crosswalks are for the safety of everyone.

Do not make U-turns on any street surrounding the school. Students are walking and this slows down all traffic.

heading back home

Student safety is always the school’s number one priority. Therefore we will unite students and parents AT THE CLASSROOM.  Parents must park to retrieve their own children (and/or any others over which they have written authority to supervise after school).  Parking is available on the south end of Treadwell, the Hunt Trail parking lot, and along the north side of Bullard Drive.

Each grade level has a designated space for parents to wait near the classroom.  Teachers will give this information to you.  Students will NOT be going to other sibling’s rooms.  Parents will need to go to the each child’s classroom/designated area, give eye contact/hand off signal and then proceed to the next child’s classroom to do the same.  Students not picked up by 3:10 PM will be escorted to the office by the teacher.  Parents will need to come to the office to pickup their children if they arrive after 3:10 pm.  

walking & biking home

If your child is planning on walking or biking home from school, a safety form needs to be completed and submitted to the office relaying the safety plan for that student.


The playground is not supervised before or school.  If you choose to arrive early or stay on campus with your child after school to use the playground equipment, you are responsible for your child. There should be NO unsupervised students on the campus before or after school.

After school care

Off-Site Childcare Providers

Students who are picked up by an off-site childcare provider will be walked to the blacktop (same as last year), organized behind cones, and consistently monitored by adults.  Childcare providers’ buses will continue to park on Bullard in the designated area (as in the past), walk to the blacktop, take attendance, and then escort the students to the appropriate buses.

On-Site Childcare/Special Class Providers

Students attending Creative Action (our on-site childcare provider) and/or any special after-school class (such as iKids classes when they are going on) will be walked and/or sent towards the main hallway where adults will be monitoring their movement towards the cafeteria.  In the cafeteria, they will sit behind their assigned cone, have their afternoon snacks, and be consistently monitored by adults. All on-site instructors will be taking attendance and then escorting the students to their assigned classrooms.

Let’s eat

Students may bring a lunch from home or purchase lunch in the school cafeteria.

paying for lunch

Each student is issued a personalized lunch card. Parents may add money to their children’s lunch card by clicking the button below or visiting the check-out register at the cafe. Parents may put any amount they wish on the card, and they will be notified when the card is running low.

Parents may also send money with their children on the day they will buy lunch. Cash sent to school should be put it in sealed envelope with the child’s name, teacher, grade, amount, and labeled “lunch money”. No checks.

Visitors are welcome!

We welcome and encourage parents/grandparents/relatives to come and have lunch with their child(ren) after the first week of school (a little later for Kinder and Pre-Kinder students). Parents may either eat in the cafeteria with their child or take their child outside to eat at the picnic tables. They may buy lunch from Gullett or bring a special lunch for themselves and their child.

School Supplies

Each grade level will have a specific set of school supplies recommended by the teachers. A few things to learn if this is your first time at Gullett:

  • Supplies are shared at our school. When you arrive at the Gecko Kickoff to meet your teacher or on the first day of school, all of the supplies will go into a shared place for the classroom. Folders in one stack, crayons in another stack, … you get the idea. Please don’t run all over town looking for the super special folder with a purple monster truck on it because there is a much better than zero chance that your child won’t end up with this folder!

  • Why are there girl and boy lists? This is just a quick & easy way to divide up some of the supplies that are needed for the classroom, but not one for every student. As an example, girls may be assigned gallon size Ziploc bags while boys are assigned tissues.

The PTA partners with the school to provide an option for ordering school supplies online and having them delivered to the school ahead of the Gecko Kickoff in August. This is not required. It’s provided as a convenience for our families so you can avoid running around in the Texas heat to find all your supplies!

When online ordering is available, we will post announcements and the grade level lists on Konstella.


Gullett students rotate between Art, Music and Physical Education (PE) at the same time each day. Students should wear closed-toe shoes every day, but especially on PE day. Students also benefit from a weekly computer lab lesson with Anne Jarriel and classroom visits from the counselor, Cindy Brackmeyer.